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Connect to your Spiritual Goddess

My Coaching one to one $90
SVH Intuition healing $100
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I believe that health is the biggest part of beauty. You need to have great health to live a full life. Great health in all areas: Physically, Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally & Sexually

There is a lot that we do to make ourselves sick and there’s so much we could do to give our souls the body that it deserves. What scares me is that there is so much knowledge that can be shared but few people know about it.

It’s my passion to give you the full package in all areas of beauty & health to help my clients be the goddess they are.

I believe in all the wonderful things Mother Earth has created for us, she is working with us and we need to work with her, in co-creation. She gives us the food we need, the water, the medicines and most of all the love.
Health and wellbeing is much more then just the kind of food you eat and how much you exercise, it is about coming back to your heart and connecting to the true goddess that is waiting to awaken inside you.

The heart is the most powerful thing in our bodies and we have for too long been disconnected from it.
If you are curious to learn more about health and wellbeing you can contact me for a 1 on 1 session.

If you really want to embody that spiritual goddess then ask me about my retreats and work shops..

Christina Louise xo