About Me

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Christina Louise Cerone

I am a professional Makeup Artist and Beauty Therapist based in South East, Melbourne.

I began my studies in 2007 and continued to further my knowledge in the industry and have gained over 10 years of experience and continue to expand my skills in all fields of health, beauty and makeup.

In my work I embrace the principles of holistic health. I use this in treatments and the product range that is used with helping clients to achieve the beautiful self they have always known. I just enhance it for them.

There is a very big passion I have for the holistic wellbeing industry and have now taken upon this passion into my profession, lifestyle and teachings.

I believe that Holistic Health, Beauty and Makeup must come together to be complete. I don’t think beauty and makeup should cost you your skin. I believe in using the most natural and organic products out there that are available.

I love to help you create the true beauty and love for yourself and support it to come to life.
Love yourself first as then the real divine Goddess will come out.

Christina Louise xo